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May 16, 2013


Learning about Time

by carrollministry

We Americans are so used to a fast pace life we often think we are too busy to do the things that matter. I was reminded of a story I read about Mother Theresa today. A young American man asked her how often he should pray. She told him that an hour a day would a good amount of daily prayer; however, the man was astonished and said there is no way to pray an hour a day because his schedule each day was so full. She replied, “You are right you are a very busy man, you should be praying two hours a day not one.” One of the most important things I have learned this week is how important our time is. IMG_0659In America we plan our time out down to the minute to ensure we get the most out of our day, but here time is centered on what matters in the moment. It has been hard for some of us to accept not every scheduled event will start on time, but it has been in these moments of “waiting around” that great conversations have arose and I have learned a lot. The other important aspect of time I am learning is how we need use it for others. When we first got here we met Diego. He was very small looked like he was maybe 12 years old. I later learned his friends brought him to the clinic eight years ago because he was very sick. His family is extremely poor and unable to get him medical help so they left him at a church. He was diagnosed with diabetes, and malnourishment. He since has undergone two eye surgeries and many other treatments. Though he is much better he is unable to work a job like the men of Guatemala are expected to. He got a scholarship because of this, and graduated with a graphic design degree. DSCN0768 Diego now makes baskets to sell as his business. I am so impressed with what he as accomplished, but what is even more surprising is Diego is not 12, but my age, 20. Yesterday he gave us all pens made from yarn with our names wove into them. Sheila told us can usually make 12 in a day, so it took him a day and a half of time he could be making baskets to sell to make our pens. It was one of the simplest, yet special gifts I have ever received. It is through Diego I see God. He as suffered through many things, and when many of us would think our suffering is enough, he is out giving more. It’s time all of us do a self-check and see if the way we are using our time is how God would want us to. Are we living in the moment using what God has given us, or are we sticking to the schedule and looking out for ourselves? I know I can do much better in this area of my life.
Shout out to my family and friends. I love you all!
-Matt Christiaens

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  1. Raven
    May 16 2013

    Incredible blog. Thank you for your reflection Matt. The way God is opening you up to see Him in Guatemala is helping open us to His power here in MT! with love!!!


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