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May 15, 2013

Day 3

by carrollministry

Hello Readers,
Today in Guatemala is warm and humid but there is a slight breeze, which is nice. I am sorry we have been slow to post. Our schedule has been busy and there has not been much time to reflect on our experience other than just the basics of what we have been doing each day. IMG_0658 This morning we are touring Clinica Maxena (the medical clinic) and the medicinal garden. Students are taking in a lot of information about health care and the concerns of money to treat very poor people and diseases that are common among the Kiche’ people. Later today we will visit la Asuncion, the school that the Diocese has in the mountains to educate the Kiche’ children.

Overall everyone is doing really well. Other than bug bites, a few sunburns and some soreness from yesterdays soccer match we are all feeling good. It sounds like this afternoon the kids are expecting us to play basketball and soccer with them. Kirsten said yesterday, “I didn’t realize this trip would be so athletic.” IMG_0650Sports seem like a really natural way to build relationships and to find common ground between us since we do not speak the same language. As well as a great way to laugh together and enjoy being outside.

We will post more reflections probably tomorrow, since the rest of today will be really busy.


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