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May 16, 2013


by carrollministry

This James (a.k.a Diago) – speaking to you with my foot covered with ice after playiing today’s game!

Today I wanted to reflect on the visit to the coffee co- op.
Being a coffee snob most of my life, I was excited to finally be able to see how the coffee bean makes it to your mug in the morning. As Many people don’t understand the back -breaking work it takes to harvest the beans off one plant during a typical harvest season. One coffee bean plant produces roughly five pounds of beans and do the local workers pick hand. IMG_0690 The coffee co-op Nahuala we visited today is a certified fair-trade/organic coffee. Which means that most of the profit is put back into the community to support clean water, support the local school, better wages for the farmers etc. I have known little about the impact fair-trade coffee and its impact it has on the community that surrounds it. I was amazed on how much fair trade coffee has an impact on a community in Nahuala. We learned that the profits generated helped build a small library to distribute books to the students nearby. I was touched on how much coffee can help a small community like Nahuala. This was truly a blessing to experience today ( with many more to come).

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