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March 7, 2012

What Brings Us Joy?

by carrollministry

Today we spent the day in the school, once again. Once again, it was amazing. I have been in Ms. Hotop’s algebra 1 and 2 classes helping students with math problems. It has taken me some time to remember how to do some of the math problems, as it has been about 6 years since I have done algebra!! Thank God for Tessa, our math genius, for helping me to understand how to factor equations. Elyse and I also helped Ms. Hotop grade math quizzes and tests. Late in the morning, several of us, including myself, had the opportunity to tutor a student in math one-on-one. Math is the subject that many, many students at Cristo Rey are really struggling with and the school needs lot of extra hands to be able to give the students one-on-one opportunities to work on their math skills.

Anyway, the students here are very welcoming and curious about us Montanans. I have received very interesting questions. One student asked me if there were gangs and ghettos in Montana or if people fight in Montana. It was interesting to see how Montana is such a different world from a place such as urban Kansas City. It also shows how small of a perspective the students at Cristo Rey have on the rest of the world; their neighborhood is all they really know.


When we got back from school to the Xavier house, we helped the Sisters with yard work. We had fun doing it, too. We laid fertilizer on the lawn where it was needed.
Later this evening, we had the privilege of going to the home of Sister Irene, Sister Vicki, and Sister Therese. They fed us a wonderful homemade meal of grilled chicken, baked potatoes, green beans, and a fabulous chocolate cake with fruit. They were very welcoming to us. Sister Irene, who is about 80 years old, is planning to add us all on facebook! Together after dinner, we had a prayer session that focused on what brings us joy. It was wonderful. When we got back to the Xavier house, we went to adoration in the church across the street. It was a good time together.
Looking forward to more tomorrow.

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