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March 6, 2012

The Sandwich Window

by carrollministry

Today I began the day, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7am morning mass at the church that is right around the corner from the Tau house, where our group is staying. Directly following this was breakfast and morning prayer. During the prayer, we were asked to write why we were on this trip on a paper cut out hand. I wrote: “I love humanity and I think that God reveals the beauty of compassion and love through others” this took up almost the entire palm. Next, my group of five students and one student leader (an intermixed group of Minesotans and Montanans) headed off to the Mercy Franciscan St. John Organization, otherwise known as the sandwich window. This center provides many services for the community, including job training for those who have not had the opportunity to be trained using computers with Microsoft word and Excel, counseling services to help at risk teens not become involved in gangs, they have a room filled with clothes for people to take, and they hand out lunch every day to about 150 people through a window in the side of the building. I had the opportunity to work the window and got to interact with many different people. The highlight of my day was when a homeless man named Gregory struck up a conversation with me and Shelby Goodrich, another student on the trip. He told us his life story and he kept asking us why we came all the way from Montana, that it was such a long way from here to there and that we should be sitting on a beach somewhere in Can Cunn. Shelby simply replied, “Because we love it, we love getting to meet people like you and we love to serve God”. It was an amazing experience because he was so happy to talk to us and have us hear his story and life advice, to do what we love and appreciate the little things in life, and it was a great experience for me because I feel like I really made a connection in someone else’s life today. Maybe that’s just the naïve college student talking in me, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, all I know is that God works in ways that you would never expect and today was a clear example of that for me. At the end of the day we were asked to write one thing down on our paper hands that we did today that we didn’t want to forget. I wrote “Today I shook a man’s hand and listened to his life story and advice”. Funny how God works through our hands.
Anyways, have a great day Carrollians reading this blog, looking forward to the rest of the week of service!
Maddie Woodruff

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