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March 5, 2012

First Day of School

by carrollministry

Hello everyone! It is Monday morning in Kansas City and the weather is B-E-A-UTIFUL! We finally got to Kansas City around 7:30pm after two days of driving. There have been many fun stories about the trip so far, such as 25 miles left of fuel, with the closet gas station 30 miles away. It took us two days to figure out that we could actually plug the iPod into the car Fred was driving, and then that started a new adventure because the media player had voice command on it. Fred being Fred, had an interesting conversation with the voice command computer.

Today we woke up around 5:45, so we could leave our area of residents around 6:45. We then experienced the crazy city driving from Kansas City, Kansas to Kansas City, Missouri, where Colleen had to do split decision making in order to merge four lanes of traffic. Arriving at the school we were all excited and ready to start the day off.

We were first introduced to the student body of about 400 students, and then we began orientation for what we are scheduled to do here. I get to help in Chemistry classrooms, which I am super excited for. Although we are all excited to start, there is no one more excited than Tessa is about teaching math. At one moment she was as pink as her very bright pink shirt.
While most people have a classroom to be at during 2nd period, or were able to help with other work around the school, I had the pleasure of writing one of the first blogs about the experience. I am truly excited for this opportunity, and I cannot wait to get into the classroom next period. This school is one that promotes excellence, work ethic, community, and faith.

Have a wonderful week,
Tony Rosales

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