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March 5, 2012

The Connection

by carrollministry

Greetings everyone! It is a brisk and sunny day in Rochester, NY. We are about to head out to our service sites for the first time! I will be working in an innercity soup kitchen for most of the day, then going to visit elderly throughout the community. I will be working very closely with Sr. Lorraine and couldn’t be more excited. 

Upon arriving in Rochester an overwhelming feeling of joy seemed to work its way onto our faces. It was a long day getting here starting at 4:30AM, with three flights, and two long layovers. The Sister’s of St. Joseph of Rochester drive a big white van, and we were all very excited to see it at the end of the day. We came home to a wonderful warm meal and smiling hello from four of the sisters. With fun stories along the way, we had made it to our destination.

Throughout the long day the Rochester crew got to know each other through laughter and naps on the plane. When you get a group of people together to serve, it is almost like there is a unique connection. As the night went on and turned into morning, another wonderful day approached. We prayed over the city of Rochester and the sites which we’ll all be working at. Taking time to slow down and reflect on what it is we were here for and further allowing us to serve to our fullest ability. Through the experience so far, I have discovered that going on a ‘service’ immersion trip is not only about immersing yourself in service; but, also in the loving grace of Jesus. With morning prayer sessions, and nightly reflection with prayer I believe He is bringing us together in a very special way. When you open your heart, small miracles seem to happen. I cannot wait to see what He will bring into our lives today while serving and being together.

Peace and Blessings from Devan in Rochester!

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