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March 11, 2015

A Sunday in Denver

by carrollministry

Sunday we woke up to do morning prayer with the Beatitudes and then had the chance to eat some delicious pancakes. Sometime during the breakfast the Beautitudes sang a beautiful prayer. It was the first time we had heard them sing together and they harmonize very well together.
Later our other group from Christ in the City met up with us so we could leave to go to Mass in the mountains. We drove out of Denver into these gorgeous snowy mountains and then Katie told us to get out of the car. So we all get out to “hike” up the road as Katie, Tessa and Matt drove up the mountain to leave us stranded. At the time we were all lost on why we were walking up this road when we could have just gotten in a car and driven up. In the end we were all happy to be outside and to have gotten some excersise. Not to mention the whole “hike” up the mountain was absolutely breath taking. It was also nice to talk and get to know people on the trip we hadn’t talked to before.
Once we “hiked” far enough we all got back in the cars and drove to a town called Central City. It looked to be this old mining town at first, but then the further we got into town, the more casinos we saw. We had Mass in the church there.
That night we ended with dinner and evening prayer. Fr. Anothony also showed us a few of the dances the Beautitudes do.

Amanda Harrod

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