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May 12, 2012

Tattoos on the Heart Discussion #1

by carrollministry

One of the organizations we will work with this week is Homeboy Industries.


All participants on this Carroll Campus Ministry Headlights trip received a copy of Fr. Greg Boyle’s (founder of Homeboy Industries) book Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion, and have been reading it in preparation for the trip.

Here are the questions we used to guide our discussion while traveling from Mesquite, NV to Los Angeles this morning:

Morning 2 (May 12, 2012)

1.  On page 9, Fr Boyle references a “valuable disconnect” that occurs when “homies” come to work for Homeboy Industries (from their normal way of life in the neighborhood).  How have you experienced “disconnect” or displacement in your life that has caused your perspectives, relationships, worldview, etc. to shift?
2.  On page 20, Fr Boyle quotes Jesuit priest and psychotherapist Anthony de Mello:
“Behold the One beholding you, and smiling.”
A. If a person younger than you asked you what that meant, how would you explain it to them.
B. Why is it so challenging to accept that God, the Divine Creator, is smiling upon us with unceasing love and affection?
3.  On page 35, we read the following passage:
“God seems to be an unwilling participant in our efforts to pigeonhole him. The minute we think we’ve arrived at the most expansive sense of who God is, “this Great, Wild God,” as the poet Hafez writes, breaks through the claustrophobia of our own articulation, and things get large again.”
A. What largeness (challenges, graces, decisions to be made, transitions, etc) has God placed before you recently, and how does your faith life relate to them?
B. How, even during challenges an adversity, can we find the largeness of God’s love for us?
Reflection point for the day: 
Look for signs of the largeness of God’s love for you today, the ways in which God is smiling not just upon you, and not because of what you do, but simply and purely BECAUSE YOU are YOU.


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