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March 8, 2012

Dance Dance Revolution

by carrollministry


So, wow.  Our first days in Rochester have been amazing.  The stories I have heard from everyone here are amazing.  They have been filled with plenty of stress, being tired, and tested by more than one way, but everyone, in the end seemed to be very happy. 

My first day was not very hard.  My Monday was full of laughter and joy.  And how could it not when you are in charge of 3 year old pre-school children, and Dance Dance Revolution. 

I have been posted at Nazareth Elementary.  Most often I have been working with the “Pre-3” class that they have there (three year old preschoolers) and it has been nothing less than amazing.  My first experience was reading with the children, which was a blast.  It is nice to have an attentive audience to provide gasps and laughs throughout the story.  Perhaps my favorite experience this entire week has been P.E. with these children.  By this point we have developed a relationship.  By relationship, I mean that every time I walk  by the children excitedly scream “MR. BIEDERMANN!” , but of course in their high pitched word slurring ways of three year olds.  Also, their P.E. class consisted of a rockwall that the school has downstairs by their gym, and Dance Dance Revolution (DDR).

One memory I am confident that will be with me until the end of my days, is a group of 12 three year olds, standing behind the three participants of the game, dancing and singing along with the music.  It was possibly the most heart-warming experience I have had. 

Although not everything was a DDR experience so far, it has been an amazing experience thus far over all.  I look forward to coming home and sharing stories of the week with all.  Have a great spring break. I know I am.


Travis Biedermann

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