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October 5, 2010

Day 2

by carrollministry

Today was our second day in De La Salle Blackfoot School. All of us woke up very groggy from yesterday but excited for the day ahead. As we pulled out of the mission on the bus I realized just how extremely cold it was, or at least that is what I thought. We drove into town and as we exited the bus one girl, kayia; one of the girls in my 4th grade class ran up to me with open arms screaming, “you are back Liz you are back!!!!” She gave me a huge hug, I knew then that today would be a really good day!
We started class around 8 30 with a little math. I really enjoy helping the kids with math. It helps me perfect my math skills and practice the skills I have been learning in school. One student in particular today was struggling with the math worksheet that we were doing so I decided to give him a hand. Usually this student has a lot of trouble focusing and taking direction from higher authorities so the fact that he was letting me help him really made me happy. I worked with him for about 10 minutes and then he looked at me and said I think I can do it on my own now. I figured that as soon as I left him he would turn around and start talking again but he didn’t, he kept working on his math! I was so proud of him, and I felt that I was a help to him at that time. For that class time I had made a difference to him and that really means a lot to me.
For religion class today the fourth graders were put in charge of helping color and make center pieces for the award ceremony on Thursday night. So Ryan and I decided it would be fun to help them out by coloring a few pictures. As I went to sit down all of the kids at once started screaming come sit with me Liz PLEASE. It was very cute it made me feel as if I was really there for them. I sat down and started to color with a few of the girls. It was funny to watch the girls joke with Ryan over silly things. Each of them seemed to really be having fun coloring and “flirting” with Ryan it was quite precious to watch.
It was a good day with far too much to relay. The kids surprise me more and more every day; Browning is full of some really great kids. God’s is definitely present here in Browning in every way possible!

Liz Thompson

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