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May 18, 2010


What To Do?

by carrollministry

Hello Everyone!
Day 7, our final day at the Mission, has come here in Guatemala. It has found all of us in lots of different places… some sick, some with sunburns, some tired, some drained but all with incredible experiences from the last 7 days. Last night, in our reflection, we talked about how we are having a hard time explaining what we are doing down here to people back home. No we are not building houses, installing water-purifying systems, or doing any thing that you can physically see. But we have built relationships, met new people, stretch our minds, questioned our lifestyles and choices, tested our faith and grown deeper in our compassion and understanding for the truly impoverished people of the world. This experience has been a lot to take in, a lot to see, overwhelming to processes. Something hard to explain or understand if you have not seen with your own eyes the unbelievable living conditions, smelt the garbage and dirtiness everywhere, walked the streets of town, felt the ridiculous humidity and heat and rode in the back of a pick up truck with 8 other people up a windy, bumpy dirt road. No doubt all of us will take a long time to processes all we’ve seen and felt and I know that everyone of us will be changed by this experience, going home a different person, someone who has seen a part of the world most don’t get to encounter. This emersion trip has forced us open our minds and hearts and build relationships with people that we wouldn’t other wise get to make.

Each one of us on this amazing experience can offers something different to carry out the work of the mission. Whether it’s being a financial supporter, an advocate, someone who spreads the word of the mission, some who comes back and volunteers for an extended period of time or anywhere in between that. My hope is that no matter where I fall in that line that, no matter where any of us fall in that line, that we may never forget the beauty, heartache, smiles, joy, love and incredible faith that we have seen here.

We were talking to Alex, a Carroll grad who has been volunteering down here at the school for 11 months. Confused about what to do to make an impact here he said something that has really stuck with me and helped me in my struggle to find my place in all of this. He told us go back to Carroll, do all this fundraising and give money to the mission and all its projects but don’t do this alone, do it along with pray. Praying for the mission, for the people of Guatemala is the most important thing. Its what unites us in our faith, its what gives hope and its what, most of all, Guatemala needs. I think a lot of time I underestimate the power of prayer and the impact it can have. So I ask of all of you reading our blog to add a little prayer for the people of Guatemala, the clinic, the mission, the school into your daily prayer. Just something small, a little prayer and hopefully united in our faith and hope Guatemala will flourish.

God Bless! Jill

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  1. Alex McDonald
    May 19 2010

    Hey Beautiful! You are doing something so amazing down there! I admire you for every little bit of it! Enjoy the rest of your time and have a safe trip home! Love you!


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