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March 15, 2023

Day 2 – Browning, MT 2023

by carrollministry

3/14 – Brooke

This week has definitely been full of a handful of emotions, and we are only on day 2. But if I am learning anything, it is the beauty that these people have. At first, the 5th grade class seemed rambunctious, and compared to my own education, it didn’t really feel like much got done. However, after being with this group of lovely students for a second day, I began to see something different. Although the classroom might be chaotic, with lots of different things happening at one time (some educational, and some not so), there is a high love for each other. The students all treat each other as family, pushing each other to work harder, and collaborating. Perseverance is also quite evident. We are visiting during the last week of the semester, and all students are madly working to get their missing work in. They have no fear yelling out in front of the class asking for their grade, and then doing extra work to make it up.

I spent quite some time with a particular student this week who has really moved me. They are further behind the rest of their peers, and require some assistance to get even remotely motivated to do work. However, throughout multiple conversations with this student I have learned that their heart is so genuinely filled with pride about who they are and where they come from. Their family and community are a vital part of who they are, constantly mentioning that they are a member of their clan. The Lord has made himself evident to me through these children. Their resilience, perseverance, and love for each other has truly opened my eyes to how the Lord works through others.

3/14 – Peter

It’s so easy for me to see the bad in others. So often I shed light on the 10% of bad things that people have done and never reflect on the other 90%. I guess you could say that I’m a “the glass is half empty” kind of person. It takes effort and special attention for me to recognize the good in things. After these last couple of days, however, this attitude has vanished. Spending time with the 5th graders has really allowed me to only focus on the good in people – especially with a bunch of rambunctious ten-year old kids.

I think one of the reasons why I came on this Immersion trip is because the Lord was calling me to step outside of all of my negative thoughts. I think the more time we spend in our heads the less we are pouring out our hearts. This is what I have noticed about my time at the De LaSalle Blackfoot School. Not once have I had a negative thought about the kids I was working with. My time and energy have been completely devoted to pouring out my heart to the kids I am serving. The more we pour out our hearts, the more like Christ we become.

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