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March 3, 2020

Denver 2020, Day One

by carrollministry

Today we experienced our first street walk. This included us going out on street routes walked by the missionaries in teams to talk to those experiencing homelessness to offer what every human heart longs for, to be seen, known and loved. Before we go out, it is absolutely necessary for us to go to prayer first. This morning we started in prayer, allowing for an hour of prayer. Why is this necessary? Because we cannot give what we do not have; we must receive love from our life source to go and give it to others. During the street walk my group encountered five individuals. There was one gentleman that moved my heart in a particular way. He told us he had his bag and sleeping bag stolen and that last night was really hard because it was so cold. He spoke more on his lack of luck, but ended by saying, “the Lord has blessed me so much this past week and I am thankful.” This struck me to the core as he could have looked at where he was at and said it’s hopeless, but yet, he chose to find the good and see where the lord is moving in his life. This is a testament to how the Lord offers hope in every situation. We must keep our eyes fixed on the Lord even when it is hard to see the good.

Taylor Thompson

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