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January 12, 2017

Day 4 Browning 2017

by carrollministry

The roar of 5:30 am alarms and the painful chill of negative 28 degrees greeted us on day four in Browning.  However, despite the cold or the temptation of “just 5 more minutes” we were eager to return to the school.  The highlights- Mountains and Rap.

After a fierce game of basketball and another brutal loss for us immersion students, we dispersed to our classes.  While Sav and Krista took on 4th, Courtenay and Connor joined 5th, and Zef and Sari braved 7th, Alex and I put on our gansta faces as we joined the 6th graders for an epic rap battle.  The class was assigned a poetry assignment, where they had to design a rap about their friend using similes and metaphors.  However, instead of the typical roasting seen in rap battles, this 6th grade showdown consisted of compliments.  The assignment was engaging, genius, and fun……the catch?  Alex and I had to perform the example rap for the ENTIRE 6th grade class!   Now, let’s make something clear- when the real Slim Shady is asked to stand it ain’t us.  However, despite our internal dread to rap to a bunch of 6th graders, we pulled through and the students went wild!!  The room filled with Ooooooohhhhhhsss, gasps, and laughs as we “busted” our rhymes.  This lyrical performance written by none other than the amazing Dan Thies is as follows:

Fallon: Oki, hola, Ciao and how do you do

I’m loving your red kicks, them’s some sassy shoes

Oh and have I told you, you look nice today

Wearing your khakis and flannel in a classy way

Ya Well you may know this

Many call you the Freshest

And more say you’re the big fish

In this infinite sea

Alex:    Oh hey there Ms. Machado

How did I ever not know

That you can make the words flow

Like salmon of Capastrano

And here I stand so humbled by your lyric masterpiece

You’re more talented and kind than our language can unleash

And girl I seen you ball’n

Your shots are always fall’n

Curry and James be call’n

Because they know you bring the heat

After our “attempt” to be the next Chance the Rapper, the students followed suit and went above and beyond.  Compliments were thrown, and “mics” were dropped as the students slammed their notebooks to the floor after their epic performances!!  I was completely blown away by their talent and as smiles reached ear to ear and laughter filled the air I was reminded that joy can only be received by letting go.   This reflection of surrender continued as we left the classrooms and headed towards the mountains.

After hiding for three days behind darkness and cloud cover, the Glacier mountains finally showed their faces and we seized the opportunity.  We drove in silence as a row of towering white peaks challenged the sky to our left and an ocean of blues and pinks huddled against a full moon to our right.  A winter stillness captivated the vast open as we drove nestled between sky and mountain.  Looking back, I can’t help but ponder- how frequently have I been in this situation?  Surrounded by beauty, and yet I choose the road.  So often, God offers us little sunsets or mountains in our days, our weeks, and our lives and yet, instead of taking the trail less traveled, we choose the road designed by the world; we choose comfort.  On “comfort” road, we can safely glance at the plans God placed around us, such as that beautiful sunset, but we choose to keep driving because we fear the unknown.  However, after spitting rhymes and beholding God’s beautiful creation, I realized that only by letting go to this “unknown” can joy ever truly be received.  Rapping was a huge detour from “My Plan” and way outside my comfort zone, but through my surrender I met joy, laughter, and 11 smiling students eager to learn.  Overall, life should be more than just a glance at the mountains, but an adventure through them.   Because, in the end, His plan is ALWAYS way more beautiful than we could ever possibly dream.

Fallon Machado



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