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January 12, 2016

Day 2 in Browning 2016

by carrollministry

DSC_2256What. A. Day.

Oki Nee Stew Nae Donny Kew (Hello, my name is _________), Baili.Ne Tutu (I’m from _______), Carroll College in Helena.

Our Immersion group started our day bright and early, shooting hoops with our PikGunii (Blackfeet) brothers and sisters. We were introduced to the boys, girls, and teachers of the De LaSalle Blackfeet School. Some of us had volunteered at the school in years past, while for some this was a new experience. We were all in for a treat, no matter how it came.

We worked with the 4th through the 8th grade classes of De LaSalle. Each class brought unique experiences, both trials and triumphs. For me, with the excitement and chaos of the kids I worked with today, it wasn’t easy finding God directly in each moment, though He was definitely there. From our shared stories that He graced our day with, it was clear that God presented Himself in a variety of ways. Whether it was working individually with a student, hearing their young perspective on any topic, or constantly quieting down a classroom full of energetic students, God was visible in each moment in each and every child. These kids come from all different backgrounds and families, all with different trials and triumphs. Just simply being with these kids, showing them God’s love and compassion, was an inspiration to both being given to and receiving from the beloved PikGunii children.

Back at the Mission Bunkhouse, Dillon and Megan kindly prepared dinner for us. We shared stories and reflected on the big day behind us. We then prepared our hearts for our guest speakers for the evening, Darnell and Smokey RidesAtTheDoor. The two of them have a beautiful ministry, and they shared with us the wisdom of Blackfeet Spirituality. No matter what you hear about Browning, Montana, they spoke to us of the truth, the divine love, and the respect the PikGunii people have for each other and for each of us. There was great spiritual and resourceful wisdom to soak up from their inspiring words. If we were to take away something from the talk, light and love for each other was one of the major highlights Mr. and Mrs. RidesAtTheDoor spoke about. “When you meet a friend in Browning, you will have that friend for the rest of your life,” were words directly from Darnell and Smokey.

Quite a full and inspiring day we had! I can’t wait for the rest of the week and all that is to come!


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