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March 13, 2015

Day 4 Wednesday Denver

by carrollministry

Greetings from Denver!
We started off the day with mass and breakfast with the Beatitudes and then headed over to Christ in the City. We listened to a talk by Fr. Daniel who spoke about Spirituality of Action. One thing that Fr. Daniel emphasized is that every action we have in a day is an opportunity to glorify God. He gave the example of how God could have made one “super fruit” that had all the nutirents we needed. However, He chose to give us a variety by making many diferent kinds of fruits and in this small way, He shows His love for us. We can do the same by recognizing the constant gifts from God and making every encounter we have a way to glorify Him. Applying this to the ministry on the streets of Denver, every conversation we share with someone, every smile or act of acknowledgement to another is an opportunity for us to glorify God and make that act of love a prayer.
Today we also had the opportunity to expereince lunch in the park with Christ in the City’s friends on the street. To give a simple explanation, lunch in the park is like a big family get-together. Everyone is welcome and we all share a meal together, getting to know new friends. The atmosphere is comfortable and you are able to have true authentic converstations that don’t seemed forced. It was a beautiful day in Denver and around 150 people attended Lunch in the Park. I had the priviledge of meeting and talking with Chuck and Junior. These two men are very different, each possessing different talents, interests, and histories. It is really beautiful to be able to get to know these individuals and recognize the gifts and talents they have and contribute to the Body of Christ. Yesterday, a man I met named Taylor (who commonly goes by the name of Fishbait), said it perfectly, “a hand can’t do what the foot does in the Body of Christ”. This statement really stuck out to me. We all have our own purpose and we are here to work together and help each other because have different skills as well as struggles. Christ in the City has done a beautiful job in recognizing this and showing love and compassion to individuals that are often dismissed easily. As we have found out, we have a lot to learn from our friends on the street and they are vital members of the Body of Christ.
I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring! Please continue to pray for us as well as those we meet.

With love,

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