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May 13, 2013

Un Cerveza con Hayley and Matt

by carrollministry

Hola! Marcar! Siesta! …Hello! Score! Nap! As you can see, the locals here are already teaching us plenty of new words. As we were out and about in Santo Tomas for the first time, it didn’t take us long to engage in a game of futbol (soccer) with some of the local kids. It was great to run around after the long trip and interact with Guatemalan kids and also work up a great amount of sweat in the Central American humidity. Not long after the game ended, with our shirts soaked in sweat, that the kids hunted us down and asked if we would play another game with them tomorrow. One of the kids who approached us was named Miguel Eduardo and was eleven years old. We walked several blocks to the town center where the church is located. Inside, there was a group of about nine Guatemalan women praying a rosary and a few of us knelt down and joined them in prayer. It was a welcoming sight and a home in our global faith with Jesus Christ. We left a nice puddle of sweat in our place as we left and continued exploring the town a little more, heading back to the Mission where we ate a delicious late lunch of peparo chicken and rice. Then, with our bellies full, we dispersed around the Mission and some of us found ourselves in “Siesta” mode (a.k.a. nap time). DSCN0051After waking up from our naps somewhat rested, it is time to kick back with a Gallo cerveza (a Guatemalan beer) and enjoy the scenery, secretly hoping for a potential downpour for us to play in. We can already see and feel the blessings that our Lord has poured out on us in this immersion and look forward to what he has in store for us. Please continue the prayers as we can definitely feel them. Until next time, adios Amigos y Familias!
Hayley and Matt H

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