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May 13, 2013

Safely Here

by carrollministry

We have arrived in Santo Tomas! We left Helena yesterday at 5:40 PM and flew to Salt Lake. Once in Salt Lake we discovered that the plane we boarded in SLC would be the plane to take us all the way to Guatemala City, of course with stopping in LA getting off with all of our stuff, making a stop at McDonald’s and getting back on in different seats. Yet still, what are the chances of that happening? When we arrived this morning everyone was tired, it seems that no one slept particularly well on the plane. It was great to see Sheila and Cerilo who greeted us and made sure we ate breakfast which significantly helped add more energy and pep to the group.
The students are out exploring the town now and are eager to see what is in store for the week. The questions they have asked and observations already made are very insightful and will lead to great reflections as our time here unfolds. I will encourage them to reflect as they settle in!

Thank you for your prayers and for following our journey.


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