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May 12, 2013

Pizza at the Port (as in airport)

by carrollministry

So, being the baby of my family has led me to be a little bit of an attention seeker, so obviously I wanted to be the author of the first blog. I’m typing on Colleen’s iPad in the busy, crowded, and spacious Helena airport. We ordered pizza after going through security (yeah, we’re rebels), but we might not get to eat it because we might leave sooner than scheduled. I guess I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I’m trying to savor every last bit of American food I eat. Hopefully this trip will teach me to eat a little more simply and appreciate the food I have available to me (except peanuts, I’m allergic to those). Our day started with a beautiful mass celebrated with family, friends, and various members of the Carroll community. St. Charles chapel was full! It was so great to have the support of so many people, especially since I thought it was just going to be our group of 16 and a few family members. Since I thought it was going to be small, I showed up just a few minutes early and ended up having to sit in the back corner. Nevertheless, it was an amazing time and I’m so glad I got to share it with the people who came. I really liked it because I didn’t have any family there, so it was really neat to feel the support and love from others. (I don’t mean to throw my parents under the bus, they were traveling back from visiting family in California, otherwise I’m sure they would have come to see their baby boy). I’m sure this trip will help me to appreciate the presence of my family and friends more than I do now. Well, I think that’s gonna be it for now. I’m gonna go bond with the other people in the group. I’m so excited to get to know everyone and share this life changing experience with them. Matt Harrison, Cody, Ella, David, and Tyler are playing hacky-sack, I can’t really do that so I’m gonna sit and talk with Matt Christiaens, Ryan, the journalers Hannah and Jennesa, Colleen, and Kay.

Ok, so after I typed that, our pizza came, we devoured it, and boarded our plane shortly after. Our flight attendant was a graduate of Helena High class of ’82. At first I thought he was extremely rude, but after awhile I began to understand his sense if humor. He was cracking jokes about Carroll/made our group the butt of his jokes and was more animated than the average flight attendant. He was funny, but probably slightly inappropriate. Now we are in the Salt Lake airport waiting for our flight to Los Angeles. From there we will be flying to Guatemala City from 1am- 6am. Yes, in the A.M., as in the morning, as in no sleep for me. I still can’t believe we are actually going! We are all so excited!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your prayers!

Nate Kavanagh
communications and public relations
Cut Bank, MT


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