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May 5, 2013

Visiting Alex

by carrollministry

A look back to our visit to the Mission in May of 2010:

Finally, the year was capped off by a visit from more than 20 students from Carroll College Campus Ministry. I was on the first trip Carroll took to the mission three years ago, and it was great to have them back and to be a part of their experience. They were an incredible group that really reflected hard and dove deep into the culture and the poverty here. The Carroll Students were clearly a special group of visitors- they were very prayerful, reflective, sensitive, perceptive, gracious, and joyful. They did as good of a job at reaching out to the people here, especially my students and building meaningful relationships with them in just a few days as anyone I have seen come to the mission. I can say that my students at school absolutely loved getting to hang out with the Carroll students- play basketball with them (me and my students lost after all my trash talking to the carroll team), dance with them, swim with them, hike with them, talk three languages with them, make high fives and handshakes with them, and pray with them. It was really a gift to me to get to be a part of Carroll’s experience here and see them not only truly jump right into the mission with great flexibility and enthusiasm, but also really come to understand and reflect upon the meaning and future of our mission here. I think for having been here two weeks- Carroll really gets what our mission is all about, which reminds me of why Carroll has always been one of the strongest and most important supporters of the mission in its history (Fr. Hazy and Sheila both went to Carroll along with lots of volunteers and benefactors). It was also a great reminder for me in my last few days there of why I am so hopeful for the future of our mission, a future that Carroll seems excited to play a bigger and bigger role in.
Alex Woelkers

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