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March 8, 2013

Capital Hill

by carrollministry

Stories. Everyone has one. Some may be more full of challenges than others, but nonetheless, they are all important.
Today was the Denver crews first day of street ministry. Christ in the City took us to Capital Hill, a common place where the homeless tend to congregate. Every Wednesday, Christ in the City brings lunch to the homeless and hangs out with them.
When we first got to Capital Hill, we set up for lunch and started talking with the people. At first, finding common ground was difficult. You couldn’t go to the usual questions like, “what are you studying?” or “what year are you?” because you didn’t know if they ever went to school. You had to dig a little deeper. After stumbling through a few awkward moments in the conversations, it became much easier.
One of the people I talked to shared his story with me. For years this man had been struggling with drinking and smoking. Over time, he realized he wanted to turn his life around, and went to the Samaritan House. Since he first entered the Samaritan House, he has stopped drinking and smoking and “refound” God. He said it was really hard at first, but it got easier and easier. The man shared with me that through the love and peace he has found in God, he was able to find the courage to go to confession for the first time in a long time. He said he’s still got a ways to go, but he hasn’t been this happy in years.
I never thought I would be sitting on a wall, talking to a homeless man, and sharing the love of Christ. But everyone has his or her own story, and everyone deserves a chance to share it.
-Abby Centola

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