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March 5, 2013

The Power of Good

by carrollministry

Greetings everyone!

Today began at a very early hour- we had to be moved out of St. Joseph retreat center by 6:40 to be at mass by 7:00. Continuing our tour of Denver’s Catholic community, we had mass in the Denver Cathedral. As with the other churches, we were welcomed generously. We then went to the Christ in the City house for breakfast and instruction in street ministry.
Following training and lunch, the missionaries took us out for a street walk to show us the lay of the land and open our minds to the lives of the homeless. Walking through the city we were told to imagine as if we were homeless. When doing this it reminded me of the way I think while hiking or backpacking; constantly analyzing different places to stay and looking for sources of food. The urban environment felt much more like a jungle with that train of thought. The lack of security was very palpable.
Our path next took us to the 16th street mall. While riding in the free bus that runs the length of the mall, Katie had a very good conversation with a stranger about life and prayer. The person commented on how he often felt lonely and unloved, two very common experiences of life. Katie shared the power of prayer with the man and it was a very powerful experience; even before we officially start the street ministry, the power of God is working for us.
While on the bus, we also witnessed the negative side of humanity. It manifested itself in the form of several young people making fun of a mentally challenged individual who, after getting off the bus, was mocked behind his back. While good was being done between Katie and the conversation she was having with the stranger, evil was being done by the youths. The battle for good is constant, but we will prevail.
It is now 6:30 on a Tuesday, with temperatures falling and darkness overtaking Denver. Those who slipped through the cracks of society are now filling the places that we walked through earlier today. With no place other than a small bit of ground to call home, it is vitally important that they know they are loved and people do care. We journey tomorrow to show them how loved they are by Christ.

May God’s love be with you,

Steven Cornish

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