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January 8, 2013


Hectic Days

by carrollministry


Hello and thanks for following us!

Our two days in Browning thus far have been hectic. The mornings are early but as we drive the 10 miles into town the sunrise is amazing behind us and the silhouette of the mountains with Glacier Park in front of us is majestic. Once we get to school the day begins with lots of activity. Everyone is beginning to settle in to the routine. I was recruited today to sub for the school receptionist so have had a different experience of interacting with students, teachers and parents. I think after a day of answering telephones, sorting mail and finding items for people i have a new appreciation for the front office of a school!

The group has been doing a terrific job of being present and helpful where ever they can. As we reflected last night there were a lot of great stories of interactions with kids and with teachers. The teachers here are all young and many of them are volunteers, giving this year to be here for an experience of service and a small stipend. I asked the Carroll students to really observe today the service these teachers are giving and think about the difference they are making in the education of these kids. I am hoping this will serve as an opportunity for each one of these students to think about a year of service in their own lives once they are done with college. Though in many respects this is a very ordinary rural town with challenges of poverty and addiction this school is a special place of service. Being here this week is a gift and I am excited to see what is yet to come.


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  1. Paul Ackerman
    Jan 8 2013

    Nice post, Colleen! I’m glad you all are having a good week in Browning. Cheers! Br. Paul

    Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2013 23:55:36 +0000 To:


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