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January 6, 2013

This Is Beautiful

by carrollministry

Well with the wind at our backs… and our faces we arrived in Browning! Brother Ray quickly briefed us on what to expect during the next few days. We were assured that aside from gopher holes, grizzly bears, badgers, coyotes, and mountain lions it was perfectly safe to go and explore. . . So leaving Colleen to cheer on her Seattle Seahawks, the rest of us went to hike up the Buffalo Jump.

“Remembering that God is with you will help and inspire you in all that you do.”  -DeLaSalle

“Remembering that God is with you will help and inspire you in all that you do.” -DeLaSalle

We reached the top of the Buffalo Jump with the wind blowing from all sides and were bombarded with the most magnificent view imaginable. I couldn’t help but just be taken in by the beauty that surrounded all of us. I quickly found myself a boulder next to the edge of the cliff and just gazed…Everywhere I looked I was met with the knowledge that God is truly a god of beauty. Snow–capped mountains to my right, and cold brown plains to my left with low lying clouds. It was absolutely breathtaking. I had sat down intending to say maybe a decade of the rosary, but I couldn’t. The only thing I could do was just keep saying over and over again in my head, “Wow! God you are great and this is beautiful!” I felt such a sense of freedom and peace, placing all my trust in God and whatever his plan might be for me. It was an absolutely peaceful, if slightly windy time, and a wonderful start to my time in Browning.

Molly Winegart

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