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May 3, 2012

Another Trip To East LA

by carrollministry

Next week we will be leaving Helena heading once again to East LA. With the encouragment of some participants from the past trip in October and interest from others to go, it was a worthy cause to revisit Dolores Mission for some new experiences. This trip will also include the added element of some alumni travelers along with us.

As I think about setting out there is some hesitation for what will be another long road trip but also an excitement for seeing people in East LA again and hearing stories. This trip is a great invitation for us to learn about immigration, to further understand how violence affects neighborhoods, to learn how people respond to challenges through prayer and understanding the Gospel, and to serve others.

I invite you again to follow us as we travel! We will be leaving Helena early next Friday morning (May 11) and returning a week later.

Our participants are:

Amy Surbrugg – Junior
Makayla Darrow – Junior
Brekk Bass – Senior
Mary Gillette – Senior
Laura Gillette- Senior
Matt Christiaens – Freshman
Tessa Berg- Sophomoe
Kyle Baker – Alumni
Elly Bruursema – Alumni
Natasha Leidholt – Alumni
Stephanie Pung – Admission Counselor/Alumni

Colleen Dunne
Campus Ministry

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