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October 6, 2011


The Experience Thus Far

by carrollministry

So much has happened between our arrival late Sunday night and the evening tonight. I feel our entire group has grown together as a family. It is not uncommon of people to think of each other as a family who are not blood related. This is perhaps one of the most important lessons learned from the Dolores Mission community. It is plain to see that every member of this community is a family.
Sitting tonight at a homemade meal from our host mother is a perfect example of that. Tonight at the Quintero household, the mom said something simple, yet profound. She said, “The community has little money, but great heart.” This is true. Every community member lifts each other up. Because of this, what was the poorest and most crime ridden part of L.A. is now a much safer than ever before. Not only that, but these people are by far the greatest examples of servants I have ever encountered. These people love, simple and true as that. They do not discriminate, they serve.
Anyone coming to this mission would benefit as a human. It is common on mission trips for the people coming on the mission to get much more out of the experience than they give. I know this is especially true for me. My heart has been truly changed by the people of Dolores Mission. I feel I am a better person for the experience, and truly a member of the family here. I wish I felt as if I contributed more to the community, but I have truly enjoyed the experience here. Stereotypes I have had have been totally erased. The people here are beautiful.
I am excited to head home tomorrow. It seems we only arrived a couple of days ago. Everyday has been long and exhausting, but at the same time has flown by. I hope we have been able to make an impact on people, on you. If you as readers can take anything from this blog, take that. Exercise control on which you judge. Even the most hardcore, tattooed gangster will surprise you with the amount of humanity and love he possess. Anyways. I am excited to return home.


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  1. David B
    Oct 7 2011

    Thanks for the post Travis. So happy for you that you experienced this. Have a safe trip home.
    Is this the bus you are driving back to MT bosdrivamon?


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