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October 4, 2011

Learning about Realities

by carrollministry

I have learned so much already and I have only been here for two days. Meeting people from this area is an eye opening experience. Such experiences as rape, murder, and drug abuse are not just stories here; they are realities.
It’s funny thinking about how I thought I knew a lot about gangs and the poor from watching movies and doing a little bit of research on the internet. I have learned way more talking to gang members and their mothers in the last two days than all the rest of my life reading about these issues. For example, I would read about cops doing their best to rectify this situation and create a safer environment in this area. In reality, the police started programs such as T.R.A.S.H and would refer to gang fights as N.H.I. (no humans involved).
Hearing stories from this side is a great way to understand what actually happens and why it is happening. I strongly encourage all to do their best to participate in encounters such as these and FULLY educate themselves about issues such as this. This is an awesome experience.

Jon Campbell

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