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October 4, 2011

Taking It All In

by carrollministry


Thank you for keeping up with the Blog. We have had a couple of really long days thus far so I am hoping today we will have time for writing and posting a few blogs. Last night as Ned and I delivered everyone to their host homes the general conversation I heard was, ‘I can’t wait to go to bed!’

We have met some really amazing people so far. In the two days we have been here we have been introduced to all of the programs of Proyetco Pastoral which includes everything from serving kids in after school programs to taking care of homeless men who arrive sometimes after just crossing the border and are in need of food, shelter and care. Yesterday we visited Homeboy Industries which is the largest and best known of all the programs this parish provides.

Perhaps for me what has been most powerful on this trip is the leadership of the women of this neighborhood for making a difference. In just about every program we have learned about, credit has been given to the women for making a stand and creating change. When talking to the women what they say is, “we read and reflect on the Gospel and then we know what to do.”

I am excited for the students to begin writing about their experiences but I also know they have learned much and met many people so there is a lot to think about. This parish community is an amazing model in giving what it has to lift up the dignity of people.


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