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September 27, 2011

From our Host

by carrollministry

Hello! My name is Jo Ann! I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and I now work at Dolores Mission as the Youth Minister. Part of my position is to coordinate the high school and college immersion trips that come to Dolores Mission. You are my first group to come, and I am very excited for you to come and experience how wonderful and special the community is at Dolores Mission.

My position as Youth Minister is coordinated through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC), which means I am here as a volunteer, not as a paid employee. There are both domestic and international JVC programs, and I am participating in the one-year domestic program. I decided during my senior year of college that I wanted to volunteer afterwards. I looked at different programs, but JVC appealed to me the most. In my opinion, it has a very holistic approach to volunteering. It’s not just about service, but about a whole lifestyle.

JVC has 4 tenants around which our lifestyles revolve: Spirituality, Community, Simple Living, and Social Justice. Each of these tenants provides structure and guidance for our life as a Jesuit Volunteer (JV). We live in community with other Jesuit Volunteers in which we share house expenses, such as rent, utilities, and food shopping. Our payment from our various agencies is just enough that it covers all of these things. As part of our commitment to community, we have dinner together 4 nights of the week as well as having one night a week where we do a community activity together. As part of our commitment to spirituality, we have a spirituality night together once a week as well. Part of the commitment to social justice takes place in the jobs we do. It is important to try and balance all of these. It is both an individual and communal burden and blessing.

It isn’t always easy, but for myself it is important to place my faith and trust in God, and he will grace and take care of all of the rest.

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