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March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

by carrollministry


This week has been amazing so far. So many wonderful experiences have happened already and we still have 3 days left to our adventure. I have been able to meet so many new people here who have inspired me already. Yesterday I was able to talk to a junior girl here at Cristo Rey. The first thing she told me was how scared she is about college and how she wants to be a nursing major but is afraid of how hard college will be. Talking to her reminded me of some of the fears I had when I was going to college and the things I struggled with when I was a freshman.
Today is Ash Wednesday and the teacher I am following this week had his students write down on pieces of paper what they are giving up for Lent, and he plans on keeping them and giving them back to the students after Lent. I got to hear a little bit about what these kids are doing during lent, and a lot of them said stuff that related to helping other people like doing chores for their parents and doing more community service. The kids at this school really have big hearts and you can see that through the way they treat others and give back.
I keep meeting a lot of the wonderful students here, but have also gotten to see what is behind the scenes. I worked yesterday with an administrative person who coordinates all of the jobs for the students when they have to go work for a day out of the week. Her job is definitely a busy one and I can’t even imagine how much work she does for the school. It makes me think about and really appreciate of all the teachers, family, friends, and others I have had in my life who have supported me and gotten me to where I am today.
I am defiantly looking forward to our final day tomorrow, getting to know these kids has been a huge privilege.

(by the way new slang word we learned… deuces means goodbye.)

So Deuces!!!

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