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March 7, 2011


Day of Firsts

by carrollministry

Today marks our first day of service. All 14 of us have been placed at sites around the city of Rochester to serve in places such as schools, soup kitchens, clinics and day cares. I was amazed to hear at the end of the day about the vastly different experiences that each of us has had thus far. For me personally the experience of diversity has humbled me greatly. Working in the clinic we served people who have no insurance. As I shadowed the nurse practitioner at the clinic and preformed very routine tasks such as blood pressure screenings, head to toe assessments and chart reviews I could not help but contrast the population of Rochester to the patients I serve at St. Peters. The faces and problems of the city are very different than the faces of Helena yet a smile and the presence of a health care provider serve the same basic need for love and comfort. I am trying to cement the faces of our patients in my mind from single mothers to homeless fathers I want to remember that the population of people is not limited to those in a hospital bed or those fortunate enough to seek care from doctors working in billion dollar hospitals. This my first experience in a community health setting and I really could not have asked for a better opportunity.
I also would like to add that we are supplementing our serious discussions on service and how God is working in our life with plenty of laughs. The funniest stories come from the people serving in schools-they are all realizing the gift that young children have for looking at life very simply. Some of us are finding the comfort of a child and the love that happens when you hold such innocent young life in your own hands. So from teaching to providing healthcare to serving food we have all been challenged and we have all laughed lots. Even those of us struggling with our service sites and why we felt called to come here I can guarantee (for all those parents reading this) we are all warm and safe which at this point we are realizing is one of the biggest blessings we are fortunate enough to have.
Peace and Blessings to everyone especially those servings serving in Kansas City.


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  1. gillian brune
    Mar 8 2011

    Thinking of you and all your fellow travelers and knowing that you are laughing, warm, well fed and full of funny kid stories makes me so happy. Enjoy every minute, and know that even though we would love you to be here in Oregon we are proud of what you learn and teach us from afar. Peep warm and laughing. Hugs, from Oregon

  2. sam ford
    Mar 8 2011

    Ruined for life. That’s what good campus ministry does to you (for you). You never forget the faces and stories that the poor tell you. Then you never approach your vocation in the same way. Medicine, education, social service, all the same. Warrior mentality and ethic: Help the poor, defend the weak. That is strength… and faith, I think.

    Proud Dad


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