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March 6, 2011

Starting Off With Prayer

by carrollministry

Sunday Night, 3/6/11
We are finally in Kansas City after two days of driving! The car ride was great, but it’s nice to be done. It has been a good opportunity to get to know everyone in our group. We went to Mass this morning in Mitchell, SD. The Priest was talking about preparing for Lent, because Ash Wednesday is this week. I have been thinking about how good it is to have seasons of the Church year where we are reminded to examine our lives and prayer. I have noticed that it is so easy to get lazy in the spiritual life and fall away from relationship with Christ. Recently I learned a good lesson about prayer. I had gotten lazy, and I saw my outlook on life was becoming negative. A good friend reminded me to pray, and it is amazing how just ten extra minutes in the chapel can change how we look at everything. The priest this morning encouraged us to challenge ourselves this lent; to do something out of the ordinary that we would not usually do, whether it be service or fasting or prayer. I was thinking about this Headlights trip and how it is a great way to begin Lent – by serving others. But I also want to make sure that it doesn’t stop there. This is just another step to bring us closer to God.
I have been reading the Diary of Saint Faustina. One thing she says that strikes me is that we ought to continue praying even when it seems like our prayer means nothing, when we can’t focus or feel like our words are empty and we are not being sincere. God does not always show himself to us, but He wants us to be close to him especially then, because He loves us. My prayer for this trip is that God will challenge us and bring us out of our comfort zone. He is the best one to challenge us because he knows what we can handle, and he knows where we need to grow – usually in the very place we are weak and would rather not be tested. I hope we will not be afraid to accept whatever challenges He brings our way this week.
We are staying at a house with the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth. They are all very sweet and friendly and I am looking forward to spending time with them this week. We will be getting up and going to the High School at 6:30 tomorrow where we will be spending the week in service. I am looking forward to learning a lot and building relationships this week.
~Sarena Plesner (first time Headlighter)

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