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March 2, 2011

New Eyes

by carrollministry

Headlights was such an important and influential part of my experience as a student that I wanted to write and let all of you know that you will be in my prayers. I’ll pray that your hearts and minds remain open to new experiences, that you are challenged to explore deeper issues of justice, and that this trip sparks within you a commitment to serving others for the rest of your lives.

I encourage you to not only remain attentive the particular community and people that you serve, but to also consider what you can bring back to your own community. I challenge you to return to Montana with new eyes, ready to seek out injustice at a local level, and prepared to do something about it! So often a service immersion experience becomes something we stick in our back pocket and reflect upon as an experience with both a beginning and an end. I hope that for each of you, Headlights isn’t just something you look back on and remember, but that it’s an experience you continue to consciously live.

Stephanie Pung

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