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May 13, 2010


The News About Futbol

by carrollministry

Although some of us have some pretty big bug bites and sunburns, we are really enjoying our time here so far. I am pretty sure that we are eating way better and more nutritiously here than at home!

We started off the day by playing soccer with a Guatemalan team. We lost 9-0! But it was a really good time. Afterwards, the girls did a good job in basketball and defeated the clinic team.

In the afternoon we went up to a mountain village and had mass. It was really special. The people were so extremely welcoming and friendly. After mass, the kindly prepared a table for us with bread and Coke.

On the way to the mountain village, we rode in the back of two pickups standing up and holding on for dear life. The drivers are kind of crazy down here and the roads are bumpy! So it was a really fun time and it was a great bonding experience. It was especially awesome to wave at all the people when going through the towns. The people here are so friendly! Their smiles are so beautiful and get me every time, especially the little boys and girls. There is definitely something special about them! Although they are very shy, they are even more curious and stare at us a lot and giggle at us. We enjoy it quite a bit.

I have also really enjoyed improving my Spanish speaking skills. The people here are really patient with us and try to help us understand things. We are really appreciative of their patience and kindness.

Thank you everyone for following us! We miss you all back home!


Laura Gillette

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  1. Mary gillette
    May 13 2010

    Miss you sister! We are happy to be hearing from everyone here at home. Love and prayers!

  2. Sierra Olszewski
    May 14 2010

    Laura! It is so cool reading all about your guys’ adventures. I am so glad your all safe and doing well. God has blessed you guys with the opportunity to impact the lives of others and what a special task that is. You guys have been in my prayers and will continue to be. Love ya- Sierra

  3. Elizabeth Zimmerman
    May 14 2010

    What an awesome experience! The things you get to see and do on this trip are amazing. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers!! Love you all ❤

  4. Faline
    May 15 2010

    Miss you Laura and glad you are having a great time! I’m heading to Miles City in a couple of minutes so spend part of our triplet bday w Mary, we will be thinking of you and I will keep you in my prayers! LOVE YOU!

  5. Faline
    May 17 2010

    HAPPY 20th birthday! I have been reading every ones posts and cant wait for another one from you. Hope you have a great day!

  6. Michael d'Esterre
    May 17 2010

    You guys lost!!! How could you lose!!!You had a stacked team!!!They must have been really good this year!!Man I would have loved to watch that game!! It was probably more epic than the World Cup will be this year. 🙂 I love and miss you all. You are in my prayers

    via con Dios!


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