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May 13, 2010


Feeling Welcome

by carrollministry

Dime una sonrisa

In Salt Lake, a few of us spent a good portion of our layover exploring the airport and watching people as they passed.  We quickly noticed how few people actually acknowledged anyone else with a smile or said hello.  Of course, it became our mission to see how many people we could get to acknowledge us with a hello back, or even a simple smile.  Many people seemed too busy or in “mission mode”, hurrying to get to their gate, to even make eye contact, let alone show any joy in their facial expressions.

It is, however, unexplainable the happiness and joy we see on the faces of the people in Santo Tomas.  The difference is amazing.  It’s hard not to wonder however, exactly what the people have to smile about. The conditions of the streets and homes are something I have never seen; yet the happiness in the smiles of the people is contagious.  It’s beautiful how despite the language barrier, a smile is one thing we can share with each other across all cultures.  I truly feel the presence of God’s love in the simple smiles of the wonderful people of Santo Tomas.

It amazes me how caught up we can get in our own lives and forget about the world around us.  I have a challenge for you; let your love for Christ shine through your smile today.  You never know how a simple smile can influence someone’s day.  So, dime una sonrisa… give me a smile.

Steph Lincoln

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  1. Kim Loberg
    May 13 2010

    Living in Rio de Janiero, Brazil for three years was an experience so much like the one you expressed, Steph! God lives in the hearts of people in all countries, but what is our excuse in our country for being too busy to give a simple smile and hello to those around us. Enjoy the love of those around you these next days, all of you, and bring back the joy of SHARING A SMILE!!

    Kim Loberg

    P.S. I am missing my little peanut, but I know that you are happiest doing just what you are doing at this moment!! Love ya!!

  2. Karen Grove
    May 13 2010

    Unlike Kim who lived in Rio de Janiero, for 3 yrears, my travels are limited! But I had a spiritual director for a while, Fr PaulSchauf who traveled doing mission work as you are experiencing…. He would always tell me that people are people where ever you are, and the simple acts of love expressed in those little things in life are what truly matter.

    Today being the actural Thursday feast of the Ascension…. what better way to celebrate than see you young people reach out to serve the Christ in the people of Guatamalla! Give some one a hug from Heidi’s Dad & Mom! We send our prayers 🙂

  3. Mary,Stephanie's Mom
    May 13 2010

    Wow, what experience you are having. Yes, a smile does go a long way. When all your world is just for God himself life is love of others by serving them just as Jesus Christ served without complaining. I hope you will share your experience with your little sister so she can also know it’s not the material things in life that bring us happiness but the peace of knowing we have God at our side at all times. Tell everyone I love them and you too my precious daughter.
    Love, Mom

  4. May 13 2010

    Hi Snuffy!

    It was great to finally see that you aren’t lost!! What a great message! I love you and miss you! I will share this with your little sis!! I am so proud of you!!!


    Mike Lincoln

  5. May 13 2010

    hey! STEPH It’s great to see that your alright and having a great time! i love you so much and pray for you every night just to keep you save.wish you the best. keep me posted!

    with love,

  6. Tyler "Good lookin Sibling"
    May 15 2010


    Glad your alive! Keep Smiling an have a great time, doing what your doing.

    Love you’re Brother,

  7. Alex McDonald
    May 17 2010

    Hey Beautiful! Just wanted to let you know that I admire you for the time you have spent down there! Love you and see you soon!


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