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May 12, 2010



by carrollministry

Today has been a good day.  We stayed at the mission today to see the health clinic and tour the medicinal gardens.  We are all adjusting to the humidity but as of yet we have had no rain.  The weather is suppose to change by Friday, however.  Later this afternoon there is a game of five on five soccer at the smaller town field that has astro turf.  Tomorrow morning we have two futbol games in the city stadium, one against the clinic workers and their sons and the other against the teachers at the school.  We’ll see how that goes.. I don’t predict we will come away as champions but Jake, James, George, Mat and Sam all prefer to think more positively.  In the afternoon I think we have a basketball tournament at the school, so tomorrow night we will sleep well.

Tonight we will go to the Wednesday night town mass, our first trip as a group into the town of Santo Tomas (although some did walk around yesterday and this morning).  In distance from where we are staying the church is probably equivalent to a four to five block walk up the hill and into town.  Tomorrow we will also go a little ways up the mountain to the school to visit.

The people at the mission have been amazing in terms of hospitality.  We have all been blessed to be fed so well and welcomed so nicely.   Everyone is doing well and really enjoying this experience!

Also, thank you for visiting our blog.  Yesterday alone we had 474 hits on it.  This is getting the students more excited to write so look later tonight for reflections from Brit, Steph, and maybe Jake.  They are also excited to see the comments people are leaving.  Your prayers mean a great deal to us and we will continue to keep you all in prayer as well.



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  1. May 12 2010

    Hi CC Group,
    Know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. All God’s blessings! Keep up the good work and have fun.

    Fr. Jeff

  2. May 12 2010

    Enjoying following your travels. It was just a year ago that our small MSU group went to visit.

  3. Katie B
    May 12 2010

    Cheers to all you Carroll foreign servers! I am keeping you in my prayers and will be especially sending you hearty support and joy during your soccer (futbol) game tomorrow! Savor where you are! So proud of the work you all are doing!
    [insert Spanish phrase that means: Peace, joy, and amazing camraderie to all!]

  4. Suzanne Winegart
    May 15 2010

    Oh my gosh James! I can’t believe you are really there. We just found this blog today, otherwise we would have written sooner. Things are goind great here, keeping busy. Karen Schiedermayer, was at a mass in Tacoma Washington the other day when, a lady there prayed for the students making the trip to Guatamala, after mass Karen spoke with her. She is a Junior at Carroll and “of course knew James” Her name is either jessica or Jenny Burns??
    We will try to write again soon and we hope to hear from you. You are all in our prayers throughout everyday.
    Love and Prayers,
    The Whole Winegart Gang:)

    oh. P.S. -Got to hold Dominic yesterday:)

  5. Greg & Karen Grove
    May 17 2010

    Hugs to each of you. We are proud of the example of faith you are to those around you! Each of you are growing in a new and rich direction/dimension of life…… may each of you find that common human thread so to speak, to tie this into your lives unpon your return to the States…… Our prayers – we can f e e l the abundant blessings clear from Montana!!!! 🙂


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